About us

At Funeral Finder, we have 2 main objectives:

1. Offer families an attractive, affordable alternative to the traditional newspaper obituary.
2. Help families notify friends and relatives of service information to reduce the logistical burden that often accompanies the loss of a loved one.


Funeral Finder obituaries are both permanent and tasteful.  Unlike the online editions of most papers, you won’t find any advertisements on our obituary pages.  We also feel, and hope you do as well, that the presentation of our obituaries compares quite favorably with what you’ll find on most funeral home websites.  


Newspaper obituaries are expensive.  In major metropolitan areas, they are very expensive.  Worse, they are generally priced by the line or column inch.  The result is a section full of obituaries that contain little more than service information and surviving relatives.  Furthermore, extra charges are often levied if the family desires to run the obituary on a Sunday or add a photo.  

We believe that every family deserves the opportunity to publish a thoughtful summary of their loved one’s life.  Our low, flat fee enables all families to do just that.  It allows them to be creative; to detail the relationships, works, passions, and interests that made their loved one special.  And when they wish to include a photo, they still pay the same one-time, low, flat fee.


Families place obituaries in the newspaper for many reasons, but they do so mainly to help people find the information.  If visibility was not important, publishing the obituary on a local funeral home’s website would be perfectly sufficient.

When we experience a loss, we want to be surrounded and comforted by those we love.  And in order for that to happen, we need more than a well-written obituary.  We need an obituary that is visible, searchable, shareable, and discoverable.

A nationwide database, users can search obituaries on Funeral Finder in many different ways.  Once they locate the one they’re looking for, they can share it with others via email and social media.  Most importantly, because we are national in scope and post hundreds of obituaries each month, our site is crawled frequently by the major search engines.  This means that when people take to Google or Bing looking for information about your loved one, having their obituary on Funeral Finder gives them a great chance of finding it.


At Funeral Finder, we offer a variety of ways to support the family.  Chief among them is our Flower Shop.  At Funeral Finder, we work only with each funeral home’s preferred, local florist.  Doing so ensures a higher quality and more consistent product gets delivered to families.  

In addition to flowers, we’ve also partnered with three industry-leading companies in Mrs. Fields, The Fruit Company, and The Comfort Company to offer even more options to support the family.

Sometimes though, all it takes is a simple note to let them know you care.  And of course, we offer that too.


Next time you need to publish an obituary or support a friend or relative who’s lost a loved one, we hope you’ll consider using FuneralFinder.com.