Newark, New Jersey Funeral Homes

Listed below are all known funeral homes in Newark, NJ. To add a funeral home, please contact us.

Funeral Home Phone Number Website
Alvarez Funeral
Alvarez Funeral Home Inc973-483-7000
Bernauer Funeral Home973-344-1508
Buyus Funeral Home973-344-5172
Cotton Funeral
Cotton Funeral Services973-926-6400
Drew Funeral Home973-373-0733
Family Funeral Home973-672-2200
Funeraria Las
Funeraria Santa Cruz973-484-8666
Galante Funeral Home973-589-4998
J. E. Churchman, Jr. Funeral Home973-242-8454
James E. Churchman Funeral
Las Americas Funeral Home973-483-4255
Leonardis Memorial Home973-375-4200
Leonardis Memorial Home Inc973-375-4200
McDonoughs Funeral Home973-485-3138
Peace And Glory Funeral Home973-350-9500
Perrys Funeral Home973-824-9201
Rucki Funeral Home973-344-7023
Santiago Funeral Home973-344-6744
The Family Funeral
Whigham Funeral Home973-622-6872