Baltimore, Maryland Funeral Homes

Listed below are all known funeral homes in Baltimore, MD. To add a funeral home, please contact us.

Funeral Home Phone Number Website
Betts Funeral Home410-522-0552
Beverly D. Cromartie Funeral Services410-400-3440
Calvin B. Scruggs Funeral
Carlton C. Douglas Funeral Services410-669-1738
Charles L. Stevens Funeral
Chatman-Harris Funeral Home
Chatman-Harris Funeral Home
Chavis Funeral Home410-342-7400
Compassion Funeral Services410-566-5500
Cvach Rosedale Funeral Home410-682-2467
Duda-Ruck Funeral Home of Dundalk,
Estep Brothers Funeral Services, P.
Gary P. March Funeral Home410-945-1100
Howell Funeral Home of East
Howell Funeral Home of West
Hubbard Funeral Home,
James A. Morton & Sons Funeral
John L. Williams Funeral Directors P.
Joseph G. Locks Funeral Home410-685-7555
Joseph H. Brown, Jr. Funeral Home P.
Joseph L. Russ Funeral Home
Kaczorowski Funeral Home, P.
Lassahn Funeral Home
Leonard J. Ruck Funeral Home,
March Funeral Homes -
March Funeral Homes -
McCully-Polyniak Funeral
McCully-Polyniak Funeral
Mitchell-Wiedefeld Funeral Home,
Phillips Funeral Home, P.
Ronald Taylor II Funeral
Schimunek Funeral Home
The Derrick C. Jones Funeral Home, P.
Tri State Funeral Services, Inc.410-659-9868
Vaughn Greene Funeral Services, P.
Wallace Funeral Services410-566-8315
Weber Funeral
Weber Funeral
William C. Brown Community Funeral Home P.
Wylie Funeral Home, P.