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4110 Aspen Hill Road • Rockville, Maryland 20853

     Cole Funeral Services, P.A. was founded in 2011 in direct response to a growing demand by families in our area for church-based funerals.  Andrew J. Cole, a Maryland licensed funeral director with over 25 years experience serving the Washington Metro area, wanted to offer families a convenient option to professionally plan funerals, from the time a death occurs or is anticipated, through the entire funeral ceremony and reception after the burial.

     Why do families prefer church-based funerals? Certainly the reasons for this growing trend are as varied as families themselves, but the common theme that has emerged in the past several years is a strong desire to hold funerals in the family church, usually all in one day.

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Kuldinow Bahn, Sansherma Bethesda, MD 3/23/2013
Reyes, Maria Silver Spring, MD 8/23/2012
Thorpe, Audrey Silver Spring, MD 6/16/2012

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