Luis Villamil Lagera

September 1, 1929 - December 30, 2013

Lagera, Luis Obituary

Our dear father, Luis Villamil Lagera, passed away at 11:18PM on December 30 with his loving family by his side.

"Louie" was born on September 1, 1929 in Dagupan City, Pangasinan in the Philippines. He was the third child born to Obdulia Villamil and Jose Espino Lagera. After spending his elementary and high school years in Dagupan, he took up Civil Engineering at the Mapua Institute of Technology in Manila.

After graduating and being given an assignment in Mindanao, Louie first met the lovely Rosalinda "Rosie" Macasaet at a party held by his cousin Natividad "Diding" Guiang. The two bonded over books and movies, fell deeply in love, and were married on December 17, 1955.

From that special union, nine children were born: Marie Rosalinda "Cuchie" / Luis Jr. "Buster" / Dennis / Clarence / George / Pamela "Pamie" / Francis "Oko" / Vanessa "Vanette" / and Gabriel. As an infant, however, Gabriel was the first to enter heaven before anyone else.

Louie took care of his family in Davao City, moving his wife and many children from the Tolentino Apartments to the Ponce Apartments, and then slightly farther away to Bangkal. Being an engineer, he designed and built the family home in Davao that still stands to this day, surrounded by many beautiful trees.

With his loving Rosie at his side, Louie made sure to always have the family spend as much time together as possible, whether it's celebrating the holidays, attending mass, or eating as a family (every birthday was celebrated with a gallon of ice cream, to say the least!).

Louie took care of a lot of pets as well, from a goat to a parrot, and then a dog. Throw in some snakes, lizards, and a wild civet, and you get the idea.

Louie and Rosie sacrificed a lot to put us through college, working all sorts of jobs that sent him as far away as Nigeria. But he always saved time and money to take his family on vacations to Manila, Europe, the US, and even Africa. 

Louie was also very strict, and while we knew how much he loved us, it didn't stop him from worrying. Talk about a temper! But even so, he provided structure, support, and discipline for eight kids, and he never failed to provide for us. Sure, for the eight of us, we might have driven each other crazy. But isn't that how normal families are?

Louie was also fond of his many grandchildren: Cielo / Chik / Lawrence / Penny / Meg / Brooke / and the latest little one, Geo. 

Louie is survived by his devoted wife, children, and their own families. He lived a long, good life that wasn't always easy or happy - but it was a good life.

A man of integrity, fairness, and caring - that was our Dad.

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