Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Funeral Homes

Listed below are all known funeral homes in Philadelphia, PA. To add a funeral home, please contact us.

Funeral Home Phone Number Website
A. P. Donato Funeral Home, Inc.215-468-1522
A. V. Barkley Funeral Home215-222-3850
Achille A. Ingenito Funeral Home215-925-3328
Aldworth Funeral Home215-338-3333
Alfonso Cannon Funeral Chapels,
Andrew J. Guckin Funeral Home215-739-3400
Arturo J. Wilson Funeral Home, Inc.215-925-3130
Ash-Stigale Memorial Home P. C.215-726-7022
B. S. Jones Funeral Home215-423-7916
Baker Funeral Home Ltd.215-763-5590
Baldi Funeral
Beckett-Brown Funeral Home, Inc.215-438-9170
Bernard J. Archer Funeral Home215-226-0733
Bishop Funeral Home215-329-5408
Bohdan I. Kociubinsky Funeral Home215-425-7878
Bruce R. Hawkins Funeral Home215-549-9910
Burns Funeral
Carto Funeral
Casimiro Fiorentino Funeral Home215-545-2226
Cesicle F. Enlow Funeral Home215-763-3085
Chandler Nugent Phillips Funeral Home215-535-5900
Charles J. Roman Funeral Home215-765-4110
Charles P. Stolfo Funeral Home215-334-7376
Chew Funeral Home215-545-3230
Christopher G Kent Funeral Home
Clyde C. Pelzer Funeral Home215-467-4561
Cohen Funeral
Compagnola Funeral
Congleton Funeral
Cordoza Jacks Funeral Home215-763-4456
D'allura Funeral Home215-472-8900
Dallas M. Miller Funeral Home215-763-6624
Dean/Geitner/Givnish Funeral
Deborah L. Wilson Funeral Home215-848-9776
Dinan Funeral
Dipinto-Mehl Funeral Home215-342-1040
Dominic J. Earaminas Funeral Home215-634-4202
Downs Rafferty Funeral Home215-425-2032
Dupree Funeral
Edgar S. Robinson Funeral Home215-333-7731
Edward H. McBride Funeral Home215-739-4162
Edward J. Guckin Funeral Home215-743-7256
Edward J. Petner Funeral Home215-338-1466
Edward M. Walczak & Son Funeral Director215-535-0950
Emery & Bey Funeral Home215-468-1585
Emmanuel Johnson Funeral Home215-438-6747
Fitzpatrick Funeral
Flanagan Funeral Home215-739-4147
Flanagan McGee Funeral Home215-563-8502
Flemuel Brown Jr. Funeral Home215-747-5844
Fletcher H. Townsend Funeral Home215-438-2461
Fletcher-Nasevich Funeral
Fletcher-Nasevich Funeral
Foley Funeral
Fox Funeral
Francis Funeral Home215-747-5200
Frank J. Rachubinski, Jr. Funeral Home215-468-7344
Fusco Funeral Home215-729-1000
G. Choice Funeral
G. Frank Page, Jr. Funeral Home215-225-0576
Galzerano Funeral
Galzerano Funeral Home215-624-2585
Garriest-Crawley Funeral Directors215-476-2133
Garzone Funeral Home215-831-8787
Geitner/Givnish Funeral
Gilbert H. Schobert Funeral Home215-743-2727
Gniewek Funeral Home215-423-0432
Goldsteins Rosenbergs Raphaels
Grasso Funeral
Hancock Funeral Home215-332-1099
Hankins Funeral Home215-382-5656
Harold B. Mulligan Funeral Home215-634-0209
Harry B. Palmer Funeral Home215-684-0551
Helen E. Waite Funeral Service215-473-6787
Henry F. Nimmons Funeral Home215-225-1379
Henry J. Cieplinski Funeral Home215-462-0441
Herbert D. Williams Funeral Home215-877-5617
Hollen Funeral
Ivan M. Kimble Funeral Home215-878-6990
J. J. King Funeral Service215-726-4050
Jacob F. Ruth Funeral Directors215-247-9090
James A. Golden Funeral Home215-978-6500
James A. McCafferty Funeral
James H. Turner Funeral Home215-483-0568
James L. Hawkins Funeral Home215-389-3217
James L. Morse Funeral Home215-382-4322
James M. Campbell Funeral
James N. Thompkins Funeral Home215-473-4849
Jerome J. Cassizzi Funeral Home215-425-0978
John F. Clark Funeral Home215-739-4400
John F. Fluehr &
John F. Givnish Funeral
John H. Joynes Funeral Home215-763-9771
John J. Valvardi Funeral Service215-925-3106
John R. Deady Funeral Home215-468-1200
Johnsons Funeral Home215-222-3235
Joseph A. Quinn Funeral Home215-535-1821
Joseph Levine & Sons Memorial
Joseph T. Sekula Funeral Home215-739-7900
Julian V. Hawkins Funeral Home215-476-5433
Karcsh Funeral Home215-482-0674
Keeho Kim Funeral Home215-424-0404
Keene & Carney Funeral Home215-763-7265
Kenneth W. Murphy Funeral Home215-334-3810
Kirchner-Londergan Funeral Home215-342-1313
Kish Funeral Home Ltd.215-729-6200
Koller Funeral
Lambie Funeral Home
Lawrence A. Ogrodnek Funeral Home215-457-3033
Lawrence B. Mcarthur Funeral Home215-765-8633
Lawrence M. Tkaczuk Funeral Home215-739-2733
Lee Roy Harper Funeral Home215-763-0336
Len E. Ellis Funeral Home215-228-3883
Leonetti-O'Leary Funeral Home215-334-8661
Lillian T. David Funeral Home215-386-5658
Logan Funeral
Louis A. DiGiacomo Funeral
Lydia H. Pelzer Kirkland Funeral Home215-985-152
Malloy Funeral
Mancini Funeral Home215-334-3551
Mann Funeral Home215-548-3282
Mary M. Givnish Funeral
McCafferty-Sweeney Funeral
McElvarr Funeral
Mcllvaine Funeral
Mcllvaine Mundy Funeral
Michael F. Gallo Funeral Home215-533-3569
Michael J. Reilly Funeral Home215-739-1777
Milian E. Rodriguez Funeral Homes215-537-8686
Mitchum-Wilson Funeral Home215-463-8140
Modzianowski Funeral Home215-483-1916
Monti-Rago Funeral
Murphy-Rufffenach Funeral Home215-334-1578
Nix & Nix Funeral Home215-229-3932
Nix & Nix Funeral Home215-476-3100
Nulty Funeral
Oliver H. Bair Company215-563-1580
Paul P. Norkas Funeral Home215-725-7109
Pennick Funeral
Perry Funeral Home215-763-8571
Peter S. Murianka Funeral Home215-329-9000
Powell Funeral Home215-229-2415
Price Funeral
Rachubinski Funeral Home215-334-5136
Ray Funeral Home215-223-3133
Ricci Funeral Chapels215-271-5555
Richardson Funeral Home215-728-1050
Robert E. Dooley Funeral Home215-727-7361
Robert Fountain Funeral Home215-223-9999
Robert L Danjolell Memorial
Robert L. Mannal Funeral Home215-624-8989
Robert P. Monaghan Funeral Home215-483-3512
Robert Walker Funeral Home215-748-4470
Rogers Funeral Home215-468-4632
Ronald R. Piselli Funeral Home215-271-0950
Rose Funeral Home215-535-3080
Rowland Myers Funeral Home215-624-3535
Ruffenach Funeral
Sannutti Funeral Home215-333-4949
Savin Funeral Home215-765-7065
Shea Funeral Home215-334-0818
Slabinski Funeral
Slater Funeral
Stanley L. Wishnoff Funeral Home215-924-4600
Sucharski Funeral
Terranova Funeral
Terrry Funeral
Theo J. Baj Funeral Home215-739-2929
Thomas Funeral
Thomas J. McDonald Funeral Home215-289-6056
Tomaszewski Funeral Home215-739-6624
V. Burney Stone Funeral Home215-763-5416
Vincent Gangemi Funeral Home215-467-3838
Wackerman Funeral
Waller Robinson Gray Funeral Home215-877-1791
Walter B. Kash Lak Funeral Home215-425-1675
Walter E. Sabbath, Jr. Funeral
Walter F. Williams Funeral Home215-729-7229
Walter J. Meyers Funeral
Walton B. Brown Funeral Home215-535-6301
Warren F. Miller Funeral Home215-482-1250
Welsh Funeral Service215-222-4953
Wescott Funeral
Wetzel and Son Funeral
Wheeler Funeral Home215-634-0823
William J. Phillips Funeral Home215-567-2636
Wood Funeral
Yarborough & Rocke Funeral